1. Send an e-mail to the following address: with the link to the video.
Videos must be uploaded to any free access website (YouTube alike)  The e-mail must show, the link to the video with the title of the video as matter of the e-mail. Participants should also indicate their first and last name, and a valid e-mail address and phone number

2. Only one Video per participant.
Awarded participants will have to send before they are awarded a Cd/DVD with the video to the address that will be submitted by the organization. This is a mandatory condition in order to receive the prize.

3. Videos will be published in our Web-site and may also be publish in Facebook, Tuenti or in our Youtube Channel.
Recibirás un correo electrónico con la dirección a la que tienes que dirigir a tus amigos para votarte.

4. Lee las Bases del concurso antes de participar.

How do I vote or get my video voted  
To vote a video you need to visit , go to the section Video Contest and then to VIDEO GALLERIES. Choose the video you like and vote it. Your IP will be automatically registered. You can vote as many videos as you want but each one only once a day. If we detect that users are trying to do tricks as entering the site after restarting the router with a new IP or any irregularities similar, we reserve the right to invalidate this votes and if this behaviour persist, it could be possible that only registered users were allowed to vote.

(To get more votes, share the URL of your video in your social network profile Facebook, Tuenti or Twitter)