T-shirts of La Siesta are ready ¡¡ Only for true siesta lovers¡

Once more, Hi Hirvi surprised us with a spectacular design.

A T-shirt with a collage on the front that includes the logo of the championship printed in "glow in the dark." This ink is unique and has the property of glowing in the dark. There is nothing better to link your shirt to the fact that you love to sleep La Siesta than glowing the moment you turn off the lights.Because when we are asleep is the moment that as Siesta lovers we shine.

The shirts are already at the factory and will be available the 1st of October.

Important: The T-shirts are only for the participants of the photo and video contest of La Siesta. Also participants of the 1st National Championship of La Siesta will be awardes with one.

Our goal is promote La Siesta everywhere and protect this wise tradition in Spain and abroad. All of you that have already participated will receive an email which will inform you in detail.

Cotton T-shirts are 205 grams of the highest quality. They are available for men, women and children.