Bases del concurso de fotos de la siesta


The contest is free, so anyone can participate. But as the prizes are money, minors must form a team with an adult. Photos submitted must conform to the rules of the competition and respect the proposed topic.


The topic of the contest is the following: “Training for the Siesta Championship”


Once a week the most voted photos will be updated. We will try to order them by number of votes, if we are able to manage the amount of photographs received. The earlier you present your photo, the more possibilities you have to receive votes. At the close of the contest, the most voted photo will win the first prize, the second most voted, the second prize, the third most voted will get the third prize and so. To see the amount of the awards visit the section PHOTO CONTEST PRIZES.


Photos must be of course, original, unpublished and property of each participant. They can’t have been previously presented, nor selected or rewarded in any other contest. They can be in colour or in black and white. Pictures built or transformed with Photoshop are not accepted. Important: any change apply to the original photo with any kind of program will void this photo for the contest. There is a limit of one photo per participant, as probably we are going to give a prize only for participating. We will not accept any photo considered malicious, insulting, abusive, racist, sexist or pornographic or that appeal to violence or other criminal acts.


The photo must be attached and sent to our email: The subject of the email must be the title of the photo. In the email it must be included at least your name and surname, email address, and a telephone number to contact you in case of being awarded. The photos must be sent in JPG format, must not exceed 1mega-sized but have the highest possible quality. Your data will be used only for the competition and to inform about the development of the championship and video contest of siesta, in this or future editions.


The photographs will be presented through a picture gallery on our website: and could also be published through our Facebook and / or Tuenti./ Twitter. In the event they are posted on Facebook / Tuenti / Twitter, it will assume the conditions of use of these social networks. By submitting a photo to the photograph contest of siesta, participants assume that they grant the rights of such photographs to More Media SL, and that the agency can use them to decorate the place of the I national championship of siesta, also to announce it in this and future editions, and to make use of it in our website ... etc.


Besides participating in the competition by providing images, users of Facebook, Tuenti and our website will have the opportunity to comment on any photos posted. Important: Voting will only be possible through our website. The comments of the photographs will be filtered and validated by the Community Manager of the Competition. The comments published will be associated with a photograph. No comments will be accepted if we find them malicious, abusive, racist, sexist or pornographic or if they appeal to violence or other criminal acts. If a comment doesn’t meet these requirements, it will be eliminated. Users can write the comments in the language they prefer, but the comments will not be translated.


Photographs may be submitted from 10th of August to 1st of October of 2010, inclusive.


Winner will be the most voted video. Voting is only possible through the web site. There is a limitation of one vote for each picture a day. If irregularities were observed in the behaviour of voters, the organizers reserve their right to void those votes, and if they persist, it could result in the change of the voting rules and permit only registered users to vote.