How to participate in the Championship

¡If you want to participate now you can do it!

Two ways:

1.Inscription through internet.

You must send an email with the following data: Name, Surname, Telephone, city where you live, and city where you were born.

You will be assigned a day and an hour. Through internet we will not give weekends but in the morning. Suggestions are accepted but we do not guarantee that we will give you the time or day suggested. Rounds will be complete with the first one to ask for it, one it is full we will assign you the following one.

If you can’t participate the day and hour assigned, please tell us quickly so we can pass your turn to another competitor.

IMPORTANT: The day before your participation we will call you to make sure that you are going to assist. Stay tuned on that day¡

Participants need to be at the stand one hour before competing, to receive their ticket for the meal and eat. We will give 30 minutes of courtesy, after this time period we will pass the turn to another competitor.

2. Inscription is also possible at the stand.

To do it, you must present a ticket of at least 40 euros. Spent in the shopping center that host the Championship. If there are free places you will be able to compete on the same day, but day and time will be assigned as well as through internet. Places are subject to availability. The first one to ask will get the turn. Half of the competitors will be registered this way. The number of participants is limited.

We expect, during the 9 days, an amount of 360 competitors. Within them it will be found the 1st National Siesta Champion!.

Good luck¡¡

El equipo del campeonato nacional de siesta.